Yoni Magick 555 A Jasmine Yoni & Womb Oil

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" I seduce myself" is the affirmation that goes with our first-ever yoni oil.

This oil is a yoni, body, bath, breast, and womb massage ritual oil.

 Smell like vagina and flowers. 

💦 self-pleasure
✅ moisturize your yoni
✨ do womb, breast, and body massage
🐍 use as an after-shower moisturizer for your whole body
🌼Use when shaving your yoni or after waxing aftercare
😻Seduce yourself. 😘

Jasmine is the flower used and the scent intoxicates you to fall in love with yourself.

This yoni oil is meant to be used all over your body and when it comes to your vagina, rub it on your clit, the front of your vagina, and inside the creases of your vulva. Use it for self-pleasure.

Ingredients: Jasmine Essential Oil, Magnolia Officinalis Oil, Clove Oil, Mugwort Oil, Angelica Oil and  Jojoba Oil.