• The Power of Looking at Your Yoni "Your divine guide to rebuilding a relationship with your yoni & womb" by Vanessa White
  • The Power of Looking at Your Yoni "Your divine guide to rebuilding a relationship with your yoni & womb" by Vanessa White
  • The Power of Looking at Your Yoni "Your divine guide to rebuilding a relationship with your yoni & womb" by Vanessa White

The Power of Looking at Your Yoni "Your divine guide to rebuilding a relationship with your yoni & womb" by Vanessa White

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About The Book

The Power of Looking at Your Yoni is a straightforward guide to help women acknowledge and celebrate their feminine essence; their VAGINAS! It is about getting back to the simple steps of building a relationship with oneself and often times that starts with looking. In this case, women looking at their vaginas, speaking love to their vaginas and  simply taking time to be with themselves.These acts are revolutionary.This book explains how and why women should get back in touch with such an intimate part of themselves.
“I want women to get back to selfishly loving themselves and in order to do that, it starts with us  looking at our vagina’s.”- Vanessa, CEO & Founder Goddess Detox + GoddessHabits,  A Self-Love Empowerment Personal Development E-School for women.

A Look Inside

What  You Will Learn + Receive

  1. What the yoni is and what it symbolizes
  2. The difference between your yoni and your womb
  3. Why it is so important to build a healthy loving relationship with your vagina
  4. How to build this loving healthy relationship
  5. How to incorporate yoni affirmations into your life
  6. Why saying yoni affirmations are important
  7. How to say yoni affirmations
  8. 25 exclusive yoni affirmations
  9. Your own writing space to write your own yoni affirmations

Who is This Book For?

This book is for every woman. If you have a vagina this is for you.
Your vagina has been with you since birth. 
You have had your first menstrual cycle with your yoni.
You have had your first sexual experience and your yoni was with you.
You have had your first menstrual cycle and pleasant or unpleasant your yoni was with you.
It is now time for you to show up for her.

Been Through A Traumatic Experience?

I especially recommend this book to woman who have had traumatic experiences with their yoni: molestation, rape, sexual abuse, abortions and miscarriages.
You need this book to help you heal and rebuild your inner foundation of womanhood.
I want to see you healing.
1 out of 6 woman has experienced an attempted rape or completed rape.
1 in 6 pregnancies end through miscarriage
1 out of 5 girls are victims of sexual abuse
"I was one of these girls."
With these stats chances are you know a woman who has experienced one of these events. Share this book with her by clicking one of the share links below. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This book was a non-stop page turner with an abundance of light. The book was written perfectly to encourage healing and desire to respect and pay homage to your yoni. It encourages the hornet of forgiveness and self love for sure. Thank you!


Awww thank you for sharing love, I really appreciate it.
Self love Cure

This book is short and to the point it help woman realize the power of looking at your vagina, and how we as woman neglect our self and self care. It's time for us as woman to reclaim our power and take time for ourselves . The book speaks for itself get the book , and take the action and watch change happen in your life. It's worth it

Self Love in a Nutshell

I would like to start by thanking Vanessa for her hard work in creating this beautiful self love manual that all ladies should get their hands on. It is a beautiful and small book that is easily portable, colorful and bright, and filled with beautiful illustrations that depict the uniqueness of the Yoni area. It is a fast read, but in a sense, it is a textbook, for it teaches you to connect with your divine source and how to keep this connection alive and well. The 25 affirmations included in the book are heart-warming and there is one or more that are definitely relevant to every woman in today's society. My favorite part in the book is the section that teaches us to take the time to wind down, open up and state the words 'I LOVE YOU' in a positive attempt to acknowledge the power in between your legs. Because of it's size and colorful nature, it is a great necessity to keep right next to your bed on your nightstand, so that before you begin to dream of your manifestations, you can assist yourself with this small but powerful guide that will help you make these thoughts your reality. Most definitely a must-have for females of any age, it is truly a thoughtful creation that will have nothing short of a positive outcome on your life, should you decide to do your homework.


This book is for every woman! In this book, it's stresses how to have a relationship with your yoni and to pay attention to her, not just what you see on the outside but actually getting a mirror and looking inside. Affirmations are essential and helps your build a relationship with your yoni if you haven't already and if you have it makes it stronger! I use to dread having a cycle because of the aches and pains and pimples but I've learned to embrace it through affirmations and being a wombman where we manifest and carry greatness! My favorite affirmation from the book is "My womb is a creative vortex and I manifest positive blessings of abundance through her!!!" This is a must read! I recommend it for young girls as well!

So obsessed with Goddess Detox

Vanessa is a genius (and I'm not just saying that!) from her brand, products and unique affirmations AND now this book!

I got my book last week, and let me tell you.... it's super cute and the illustrations are AMAZING . I really enjoy the book Vanessa. I hope it leaves a great impact on others, like it had with me.

Thank you