Queen Tings Yoni & Vaginal Steaming Gown

$ 38.00


Your luxury satin Lavender gown is awaiting you.
Our Queen Tings Yoni Vaginal Steam Gown is the perfect gown to use along with our Queen's Vaginal Steam and Throne Combo.
This falls to the floor so you have full coverage when steaming, so there is no need for a towel.
You can have yoni steaming parties with your friends without having to see each other's coota cats lol.
This is a one size fits all gown and can fit up to a 4XL.
Queen Tings the title was inspired by the Jamaican roots of the owner Olanikee Osi. Tings is just a Patois word for things as vaginal steaming really is Queen Things.
Step into your Queen self with our gown. Can't wait for you to post Instagram photos in this and tag us @GoddessDetox


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