Refund Policy

Physical products refund policy:

Any order that needs to be shipped out is considered a physical product.
Once an order has been placed you have 1 hour to email us if you wish to cancel your order.
Customers may email : to cancel orders made within the hour time frame.
If an hour has passed since the time you ordered , no cancelation or refund will be made as your order will be processing after that time frame.
Once an order has shipped out, it can not be returned and no refunds will be made.
If you have any issues with your order after having received your order please email our customer service email at:
If we do decide to provide a refund we do not credit back the shipping that was paid only for the product itself.
If we do decide to provide a refund it will be in the form of  a store gift card to Goddess Detox or SelfishBabe.

Digital products refund policy:

After an order for a digital product is made , there are no refunds given or cancelations made as a digital product is emailed automatically.