FAQ's Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls™

How many cleanses should I order?

  •  We suggest start with 2 full cleanses (4 pearls) and journaling the progress then order more as needed.
  • Those with fibroids and cysts will need multiple back to back cleanses. Someone with bacterial vaginosis or chronic yeast infections will need less than a client with fibroids or suffering from endometriosis.
  • We do not give recommended dosages for healing specific ailments. Every womb is different and because of that we believe that it would be misleading for us to give an exact number. Please remember our pearls are also intended for you to get closer with your womb area. We want you to reconnect with HER, this is why we recommend buying 2 cleanses especially if it’s your first time using them to know for sure if they are beneficial for you.

 How do I know if my detox is finished?

  • You will be done detoxing once all the discharge has left your vaginal area. If you think it is over, wait an additional day or two because there may still be some on its way out.

 Why can’t I use them if breast feeding ,a virgin, or pregnant?

  •  You cannot use them if breastfeeding because these pearls are inserted into your vagina, one of, if not the most absorbent place in your body. The herbs in these pearls may circulate throughout your body, including your breast milk. We do not want young babies ingesting the milk with herbs in them, although they are all natural, the developing organs may not be able to fully process them and we wouldn’t want anything happening to your little one.
  • If you are a virgin due to the strong nature of the herbs inside of our product, being that they can help with fibroids and cysts they have the abiity to remove the thin tisue that is your hymen.
  • If you are pregnant you can not use our product as we do not know how the herbs will affect your growing child and we would not want your baby harmed in any manner.
 Can I use the pearls while I am on birth control (IUD,Nuvaring, etc)?
  • If you have an IUD be cautious because in rare occasions IUD's have come out in the past. Majority of women with IUD's have been using our product and they have been fine but very rarely will an IUD come out but it has happened before.
Can I take showers/ baths with them in or go to the pool/ beach?
  •  Please continue taking showers as normal.We recommend that you wait until your cleanse is over to take a bath unless you are experiencing irritation at the time
  • Do not go to the pool or beach until after your detox is complete.
When can I have sex again? (My Partner Wants To Know)
  •  You can have sex 2 days after you are done detoxing which is an estimated 6-day process.
  • Tell your partner to be patient and ask if they notice a difference after

 What do some people experience during the detoxing process with your Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls™?

  • Some women, specifically those with fibroids and cysts, feel mild cramping. This is occurring during the toxin extraction process.
  • Some women experience itchiness, most are mild, few extreme. This is due to all the toxins being drawn to the front of the vaginal opening which is a very sensitive area.
  •  Other women may experience a foul odor coming from their vaginal areas they didn't have before but don’t worry, the smell leaves when the process is over.

 When can I use another cleanse?

  • You can cleanse again 2-3 days after your first cleanse as long as your menstrual cycle is not coming in 10 days or less.
  • If your cycle is coming in 10 days or less, then wait 3 days until after your menstrual cycle ends to use them.

 Can I use them on my menstrual cycle?

 No, Please do not use them on your cycle.

  • Please wait 3 days after your cycle has ended to use them or 10 days or more before your cycle starts to use them.

 What should I do if my cycle started while using the pearls

  • If your cycle started while using the pearls, just take that pearl out and go through your menstrual cycle as normal, you may experience some extra discharge as your detox process is still happening.

 Can I use more than 1 Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl at a time?

  •  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!
  • We stress this, please do not use more than 1 pearl at a time.
  • Our pearls are very potent, more than 1 at a time is too much for any womb; please stick to our instructions that you received with your package.
  • If you bought Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls™, please stick with our instructions.

 If I am trying to conceive/become pregnant, When can I use them?

  •  If you and your partner are trying to conceive, please use the pearls 3 days after your menstrual cycle has ended and when you know you are not pregnant for sure.
  • Always take a pregnancy test before using our pearls.

 I am experiencing some itchiness, what can I do to help?

  •  If experiencing itchiness, please contact us but also take a nice hot bath with dead sea salt or epsom salt which can be found in a natural store like WholeFoods and Earthfare, soak in this for bout 20-30 minutes.
  • Drink plenty water with lemons in them
  • Oil your vaginal area with coconut oil, preferably organic cold pressed coconut oil which can also be found at a local store with natural goods.
I am experiencing some dryness during days 2-4. What can I do?

  • That is completely normal; please continue drinking lots of water with lemon.
  • The dryness will fade once your cleansing is done.

     OMG!! What’s that white stuff coming from my vagina?

    • That is what we call the purging process. Do not pull on this, it will come out naturally.
    • Some people may detox old dead vaginal skin cells, leaving the vagina renewed and pinker, old blood clots, yeast, mucus, polyps, old scar tissue etc.

     OMG I don’t see the string anymore?? How can I get this out?

    •  Please contact us via email and we will go through removal process with you, don't stress

     I Have More Questions, How Can I Get Them Answered?

    •  Please email us at: Contact@GoddessDetox.org