Become A #SelfishBabe Today

My name is Vanessa White but I go by OlanikeeOsi.

I am an entrepreneur (CEO of GoddessDetox & SelfishBabe), an author, and influencer but most of all I am a self-love  manifestor. You're probably like what the hell is that right?


It basically means that I teach women seeking a change in their lives how to authentically + selfishly love themselves again through the Self-Love Empowerment Manifestation Techniques I provide, allowing women to manifest a more blissful, happy and overall selfish lifestyle. 


I teach through providing digital e-books, audios, videos, online courses through my Selfish Babe Self-Love Empowerment E-School and my Self-Reflection Group Transformation Program.

#SelfishBabe is not only me but all of us. 


You see as women we naturally want to help others, to take care of others, to be the Superwoman for others. But.. this can be at a huge cost.We end up giving and giving, taking on tasks we end up regretting and loosing out on our own precious time.Then we wonder why we feel drained or unmotivated. This is why we NEED to SELFISHLY love ourselves.


This is why you my dear need to become a #selfishbabe aka a woman who selfishly and authentically loves herself.

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