Securing The Bag : Becoming The Wealthy Woman Course Taught by Goddess Olanikee

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 I am inviting you to the Securing The Bag: Wealthy Woman Course. Embody the FLOURISHING Rich BITCH inside of you! Learn how to make millions with a physical product, how to have an abundant rich bitch mindset, and how to call in more money and prosperity on a spiritual level. This is a self-paced course. After purchase, you get access to all 4 videos and the workbook. In-Joy.

You deserve to buy whatever you want without having to check your bank account.

You deserve to travel.

You deserve to have more income coming in.

You deserve to leave something for your kids.

You deserve MORE MONEY.

And you can get it. 


"I Am Securing The Bag Now. I Am Securing The Bag Now."

Do you side-eye wealthy people and can't be happy for them?

Do you complain that you can't afford something?

It all starts in the mind and I want to help you create a wealthy Goddess mindset so that one day in your physical world you will see wealth. You will know that you're a wealthy woman and you will feel it.

Are You Ready to Secure The Bag?


Breaking the poverty mindset

In this day, we will be analyzing your beliefs around money and releasing the old patterns that keep you poor.

Repeat After me: “I am a wealthy woman


Stepping into what a spiritual RICH B*TCH does

In this day, we will be learning the spiritual RICHuals to attract money and abundance.

Repeat After me: “The spiritual work I do increases my wealth”


Inviting another stream of abundance

In this day, we will get CLEAR on the VISION and see the multiple avenues of abundance flowing to you.

Repeat After me: “I am open to receiving more money”


How to make millions with a physical product

In this day, I am going to teach you how to find a product to sell, how to contact vendors, what apps are needed, how to advertise your product on social media, how to contact influencers to advertise your product, and how to make more then you've ever made in your life. I've made 11 million in 5 years with Goddess Detox, now I am teaching you how to get started.

Repeat After me: “I am a money making businesses woman”

This experience will teach you how to acquire wealth on the spiritual level and show you the spiritual work you should be doing to attract more money into your life.

In this experience, you will learn how to make millions with a physical product, how to contact vendors, how to advertise your product using social media, how to contact influencers, where to go for packaging, and more.

Instead of side-eyeing wealthy people and complaining that you can't afford something learn how to create wealth with your words, feelings, desires and finally actions so you too can live a life you've been dreaming about.

You deserve to buy whatever you want without having to check your bank account. You deserve to travel, you deserve to have more income coming in, you deserve to leave something for your kids, you deserve MORE MONEY. And you can get it.

Imagine if you really believed you were that RICH Bitch? Imagine how much more money, abundance and prosperity you could attract by truly embodying this belief and taking the actions to become HER.

Hi, I'm Olanikee Osibowale.

I created SelfishBabe and Goddess Detox.

Two amazing self-love inspired companies that allow me to live more of a life of freedom than others as I can make money from home running my businesses.

But as I have grown in my BOSS and spiritual journey, I have come to see that it's not all hustle hustle in the physical world.

I have learned that you can attract more money to you based on your mindset around money, spiritual rituals as well as the practical, which is why for me in this  Securing The Bag LIVE EXPERIENCE  it's important for me to teach you more then just one way to acquire wealth, which is what I do, by teaching not only the physical way to make money but the spiritual way as well. I am also teaching you how you can make millions by selling a physical product which is what I've done since I was 23. I've brought in 11 Million in 5 years with Goddess Detox.

If you're ready to learn something new, breakthrough the mindset of " Woah is me and rich is bad" and your ready to take accountability for the creating of your life then this is for you.

Imagine if you surrendered the circumstances you may have been born into and stepped into creating a WEALTHY reality.

You are the one commanding your reality, step into your knowing, drop the bullshit and do the spiritual RICHUALS that can change your life.