Queen's Throne (Vaginal Steaming Seat Only)

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What Is The Queen's Throne?

Our Queen's Throne is our luxury seat that can be conveniently used during your vaginal steam. It is made from BPA FREE Plastic.

Instead of using a household bowl or finding a bulky vaginal steam seat, our throne is meant ONLY for use with our Queen's Vaginal Steam and Queen Tings Yoni Gown.

Our Queen's Throne is in the color Lavender just like our Queen's Vagunal Steam packaging.

The color lavender represents royalty, beauty, femininity, grace, elegance, and untamed growth. This is the energy you receive by sitting on your throne.

How To Use

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Queen's Throne Along With The Queen's Vaginal Steam?

  • Using our Queen's Throne is the most convenient way to use our Queen's Steam.
  • It is the throne you will sit on to experience your steam.
  • It is reusable and can be kept for a lifetime of steaming.
  • You can use it by placing it in your toilet to sit on as you steam or use it by placing it on a mat on the floor to sit on as you steam.

Is This Queen's Throne Safe To Steam My Vagina?

  • Yes, this seat is safe to steam with and is made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Our type of seat is typically used in many medical offices and hospitals around the world for patients on bed rest and is often used to alleviate pain in the lower regions.