• Queen's Throne (Vaginal Steaming Seat Only)
  • Queen's Throne (Vaginal Steaming Seat Only)

Queen's Throne (Vaginal Steaming Seat Only)

$ 40.00

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A  Magical Fuck*n Experience! That's What Steaming On Our Queen's Throne Is Like. 






What Is The Queen's Throne?

Our Queen's Throne is our luxury seat that can be conveniently used during your vaginal steam. Instead of using a household bowl or finding a bulky vaginal steam seat our throne is meant ONLY for use with our Queen's Steam.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Queen's Throne Along With The Queen's Steam?

  • Using our Queen's Throne is the most convenient way to use our Queen's Steam.It is the throne you will sit on to experience your steam. 
  • It is re-usuable and can be kept for a lifetime of steaming.
  • You can use it by placing it in your toilet to sit on as you steam or use it by placing in on a mat on the floor to sit on as you steam.

Why Is The Queen's Throne Lavender?

Our Queen's Throne is in the color Lavender just like out Queen's Steam packaging.The color lavender represents royalty, beauty, femininity, grace , elegance and untamed growth. This is the energy you receive by sitting on your throne.

Is This Seat Safe To Use To Steam My Vagina?

Yes this seat is safe to steam with and is BPA free. Our seat is typically used in many medical offices and hospitals around the world for patients on bed rest and is often used to alleviate pain in the lower regions.

How To Use The Queen's Throne With Our Queen's Steam?






Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Simply Amazing

The seat was amazing. Very comfortable. Im pretty tall and my legs didn't fall asleep. Felt so much better after the steam. Will be ordering more products very soon.

yeah so glad to hear this love

I love my queens throne. Feels heavenly and allows me to take time for me.

Feel so free

I feel so much freer in my thoughts and my heart. I will definitely be doing this on a regular basis!!

Feel so free

I feel so much freer in my thoughts and my heart. I will definitely be doing this again!

sooo glad to hear this. Emotional wellness matters.

Love my Goddess Throne I have used it two times I tried both methods of use and find it to be very sturdy and easy to use and clean up.Best of all I love the bag it comes in after use I washed and air dried it and put it back in the bag!!!

thank you for sharing love