• Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®
  • Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®
  • Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®
  • Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®
  • Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®
  • Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®

Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls ®

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The drip 😍😝 

"I’m absolutely in love with these pearls . Before I used these little beauties I had heavy and irregular periods . Cramps were so bad I could barely walk or move . But after one goddess detox cleanse ya girl has never had to be worried about a missed period again"

- Kassidy, Goddess Detox Pearl Customer

Menstrual Cramps Gone

She Cleansed Her Energy

This Goddess Got Pregnant After Trying To Conceive For Years

She Gained Her Confidence Back


How To Use Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls

Detox My Ex? Yes, You Read That Right.

What Can It Help Me With?

The herbs in our product promote overall womb and vaginal health. It has helped over 10,000 women with painful menstrual cramping, detoxing an ex-lover, smelly odor, dryness, get back their menstrual cycle after getting off birth control and overall vaginal reconnection.

We can not and do not make guarantees on curing any disease or ailment. Nor do we give recommended specific amounts to purchase for any ailment as that is misleading. However, if you take a look at our video reviews and written reviews below you can see that our product has helped many women with a variety of womb issues.

Why Try This? 

You are sick of over the counter medicine. You want to try something that fits into your more natural holistic lifestyle. You want to have a vagina that is super fleeky. You want to release your past partner's energy from your womb. You just want to be a Goddess more in tune with herself. Whatever the reason is, you have found the holy grail of all detoxes.

Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls®

 What Is It?

A holistic all-natural vaginal insert made with herbal ingredients to aid in womb health and vaginal cleansing.

Why Does My Vagina Need To Be Detoxed? Isn't It Self Cleaning?

Yes, the vagina is self-cleaning and does this function well when in optimal health. However many women are not in their most optimal health due to stress, taking care of the world and more, eating fast food or food filled with GMOs, carrying years of emotional and or sexual trauma and being on birth control. If in optimal health many women would not experience having yeast infections, fibroids, infertility, cysts, bacterial vaginosis and more. Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls® are meant to give women an all-natural herbal option instead of a chemical one.

What Does It Do?

The herbal ingredients are absorbed into your body vaginally. The herbs work to aid in overall womb health and cleansing by working with the body to expel contents that may be working against the overall health of the womb and vaginal area.

What Is The Process Using Olanikee's Method ™?

(This method is trademarked)

Day 1 will include leaving the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl® in for 24 hours.

Days 2-3  will include leaving the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl® in for 48 hours.

Days 3-6 is the purging phase where dead vaginal skin cells, mucus, yeast, old blood clots among other components are expelled from the vaginal area.

What Are The Pros & Cons?

Pros: Using something all-natural in your vaginal area instead of something with numerous chemicals and effects, not only a physical detox but also a spiritual and emotional one, creates a better womb environment, being able to reflect on yourself internally and gain a stronger connection to your womb area.

Cons: Detoxing is not always pretty and can be very uncomfortable for some women. Some can experience the following: itchiness, watery discharge, foul odor, mild cramping during the process.

This subsides as the purging phase of the cleanse ends. For the itchiness and any comfortableness, we recommend taking a dead sea salt bath or Epsom salt bath and then moisturizing the vaginal area with coconut oil.

Some women may even experience the development of a yeast infection. This is due to the possibility of your PH Balance changing while using the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls as well as excess yeast being purged out of the vagina during the purging phase of the cleanse. If this happens we recommend the use of a boric acid suppository and or any other natural yeast infection remedy.

It's My First Time Ordering. How Many Should I Order?

If it's your first time trying our cleanse,  we suggest purchasing 2 cleanses, which is two Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl boxes.

We suggest this amount because when you start cleansing, one cleanse will start your detox process and many see results but notice that they have much more to detox or notice that they may not purge their first time around, so we recommend two boxes for best results.

We do not provide recommended dosages for healing specific vaginal ailments as we find this misleading and can not guarantee a cure for any vaginal ailment.

Who Is It For?

Every woman born with a vagina, ages 18-65, including those who may have experienced miscarriages, terminated pregnancies  (wait 3 months minimum before use), sexual, emotional trauma & partial or full hysterectomies.

Who Is It Not For?

Women who are pregnant
Women with hymens intact 
Women who are breastfeeding
If you have an IUD please refer to our FAQ Section: HERE
Women using Essure permanent birth control

What Are The Ingredients?

🍃 Cnidium: increases sexual libido, clears up the skin, increases fertility and good for treating bacterial infections.

🍃 Stemona: kills parasites, aids in blood flow

🍃 Fructus Kochiae: promotes urination, relieves itchiness

🍃 Motherwort & Angelica: regulates menstruation as well as removes toxins.

🍃 Rhizoma: removes toxins and can relieve hot flashes.

🍃 Borneol: reduces pain and can also reduce hot flashes.

🍃 Ligusticum Wallichii: helps to widen the blood vessels in the abdominal region, that increases blood flow and also helps in relaxation of abdominal muscle cells resulting in easing the period pains. Helpful with blood stagnation, useful for those with irregular cycles.

Is This FDA Approved?

No. This product is not FDA approved.

What Does My Cleanse Include?

Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls® (2).
Applicators for insertion.
Digital Instructional Booklet

Wait, I Have More Questions?

Please check out our FAQ section HERE to see if they have been answered. If not please send us an email to or click the Contact tab on our website. We are happy to answer any questions.

Latest Video Reviews

Watch out latest video reviews that Goddesses who have used our product have submitted. You can also find more reviews dealing with Trying to conceive, Amenorrhea, (missing period), PCOS, vaginal dryness, painful cycles, bacterial vaginosis and more. For ALL of our video reviews click HERE 






Customer Reviews

Based on 1141 reviews
Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls

These pearls are life saver and changers!! For the past few years i struggled with a vaginal smell and discharge along with fibroids. Within the first month, i notice a huge difference!!

I'm glad they were able to help!
Feeling fresh

My experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did not purge as much as I was expecting but at the end of my cleanse, I felt refreshed. My fiancé also noticed I was more wet than usual. Will definitely be purchasing another 👍🏾

Awww, we're glad they were able to help!
Whew Chile, The Relief! Lordt.

I inserted the pearl on Tuesday for 24hrs, and then I inserted the second pearl from Wednesday to Friday for 48hrs as instructed. I experienced most of the side effects.. lord from the itchiness, burning as well as cramping. I was super uneasy. However I have had reoccurring yeast & BV for the past couple of months so that maybe the reasoning for the side effects. I did soak in epsom salt and that was soothing but it didn’t last very long. I was in contact with the owner and was very pleased that she responded to all my complaints and concerns as I’m on this journey.

I started to purge on day 3, immediately after I took out the final pearl. I drink lots of water!! I want to flush out all the toxins. I continued to purge on day 4 and day 5. I started to feel relief on day 5, and all my side effects cleared up. I am so relieved because I was sick and tired of taking medications. Sick and tired of being in and out of urgent care. My body became immune. I feel super great and I’m super thankful I purchased this product! I will definitely be referring my friends.

Awww, we're glad they were able to help!
Feeling like me

This the best stuff i ever used

That's amazing love, we're glad to hear!
Happy amazed and I Love it !

I was nervous at first about trying something like this but I must say I was beyond happy with the results. After the first pearl and the second. I for sure will be ordering more and trying additional products! Excited!

That's amazing love, we're glad to hear!