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What Are The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?


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How Do I Use The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls Using Olanikee's Method?

Isn't The Vagina Self-Cleaning?


What Are The Benefits Of The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?

The Cons Of Using The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?

For the itchiness and any uncomfortableness, we recommend taking a dead sea salt bath or Epsom salt bath and then moisturizing the vaginal area with coconut oil.
If this happens we recommend the use of a boric acid suppository and or any other natural yeast infection remedy you are okay with using.

Who CAN Use The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?

Who CAN NOT  Use The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?

What Are The Ingredients Of  The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls?




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🍃 Cnidium: increases sexual libido, clears up the skin, increases fertility and good for treating bacterial infections.
🍃 Stemona: kills parasites, aids in blood flow
🍃 Fructus Kochiae: promotes urination, relieves itchiness
🍃 Motherwort & Angelica: regulates menstruation as well as removes toxins.
🍃 Rhizoma: removes toxins and can relieve hot flashes.
🍃 Borneol: reduces pain and can also reduce hot flashes.
🍃 Ligusticum Wallichii: helps to widen the blood vessels in the abdominal region, that increases blood flow and also helps in relaxation of abdominal muscle cells resulting in easing the period pains. Helpful with blood stagnation, useful for those with irregular cycles.

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Definitely buying again!!

After months of reading reviews I finally gave the detox pearls a try and I’m so happy I did!! I feel cleansed and refreshed!! Thank you so much !

We're glad you enjoyed your cleanse love!

I started my cleanse on Saturday ( 1/11/2020 ) during the first 24 hours i noticed a lot of white stuff come out and also i had swelling on one of my vagina lips but it didn’t hurt nor did i bother me so i was thinking that probably part of the process ( so i ignored it ) i took the first pearl out & put the second one in (1/12/2020) so far I’ve been having the same stuff come out but i can feel the pulling . I haven’t had any problems with itchiness or irritated feeling . I would suggest this to my family and friends

I'm glad you enjoyed your cleanse love!
I loved them

My vagina feels brand new

I'm glad you loved your cleanse!

The pearls took away all of my irritation and itchiness I haven’t felt neither one of those symptoms again .

I'm glad they were able to help!
I am a believer

I have been suffering from yeast and BV for some months. I would take the pills but the infections would come right back. Over the counter medicine and creams did not help me at all. I was becoming so frustrated with what was going on. So I told my husband that I am going the natural way and purchased the yoni detox pearls. On the first day I inserted the pearl what seem like somewhat clear discharge came out immediately. After that I experienced major cramping. I kept them in because I wanted some great results. After removing the first pearl there was nothing really on it. So I inserted the second pearl. Kept it in for 2 days. I removed the second today and this is the results I got right after removal. I was so amazed at what I had passes. To know that this was in me is scary as well. I cannot wait for the next few days to see what else I may purge. I just want to say thank you. You are a life saver. I just can’t thank you enough.

One satisfied customer

Awww, I'm glad our product was able to help!