• Ultimate Women's Wellness Directory

Ultimate Women's Wellness Directory

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So you just started your wellness journey and you are looking for products and information that will help aid your body, spirit and mind.
Well, look no further as I have the ultimate directory for you.
It's Vanessa, the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox speaking here.
When I first started my wellness journey and became aware of all the chemicals and toxins in our food, hair and body products, I went on a hunt for natural alternatives. Since then I have acquired much knowledge and know the go to online pages and companies to shop for my natural alternatives.

What's in it?

This downloadable e-directory is 23 pages all with clickable links for:
Natural vaginal soaps
Yoni eggs
Detox pearls
Natural Deodorants
Parasite Cleanse
Natural Skin and Body Care
Non Toxic Makeup
Head Wraps
Why I use Coconut Oil for everything lol

Plus 2 Bonus Sections:

Spiritual Needs
Youtubers for motivation and wellness

How Do I Get It?

After purchasing this e-directory is automatically emailed to you. Please download it and save it to your computer or email it to yourself so that you may always have it.
After 3 downloads it will no longer be available , so saving is the best option to keep it forever.

Why Should I Get It?

You will save yourself valuable time from hours and hours of research googling natural alternatives and will be equipped with the knowledge of where to look next time you have a sister, friend or any female person in your life ask you about natural alternatives.


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The ultimate directory for women's health. It's a great tool for ladies who want to take good care of their health.

Glad you enjoyed it love, thanks for sharing.