The Power of Looking At Your Vagina: Reconnecting and Manifesting (7 min read)

Last night @GoddessDetox asked their audience “how many of our goddesses look at their vagina with a mirror at least once a week? Why or why not? Comment below.”  The results weren’t too surprising. Some responded saying that they have not looked in years, months or asked if they should even be looking in general?, Then you have some who responded saying they look every time they shower or they check just to make sure everything is good with “her” down there.

I have come to find that there is an alarming number of women who do not look at their vaginas often enough. Usually it’s the same routine, women are having their partners look while in their intimate love sessions or they are relying on their gynecologist to look. My question is “why is it not the owner of this most beautiful creation we call the vagina, yoni, womb, pumpum and pussy that is not looking every single day?”  You may ask “well why look?” “What’s the point?” “I’m sure she is fine doing her thing down there.”

Well let me ask you this, “how would you feel if your partner/ significant other was with you all day long and did not look you in the face once?” Think about that for a second and comment below how that would make you feel. Now let’s take it up a notch. “What if your partner never even spoke to you? Didn’t say one compliment to you? Not a word, except to maybe complain how irritating you could be sometimes, just like how you may do when your cycle starts?” I’m assuming by now you would feel bad.

Well I am going to let you know that is exactly how your vagina feels: NEGLECTED by its owner.  Growing up, maybe you did not get taught like many other women didn’t, that you’re actually kind of powerful because you were born with a womb. Being a female is pretty important. You can carry a child for 9 months, you give life. You can manifest (bring forth) what you want in your life through your womb.

Looking at your vagina’s face with a mirror, tells her that your acknowledging her, she actually exits to you. Again, let’s take this up a notch, while looking at your vagina say something sweet, like you would to your partner. I’ll give you some examples ,“I love you”, “ thank you yoni, for treating me so sweet”, “I am sorry I have neglected you”, I am sorry for letting so and so treat you like that”, ”because I treat you sweet and value you, others do the same to me.”  “Whoa, talk to my vagina that sounds crazy!?”  This could be what you’re thinking right now. Girl just do it and let me know how you feel by tweeting me @OlanikeeOsi. I guarantee after about 3 nights of doing this you’ll look at yourself and you’ll be happier with yourself and your vagina.

It’s all about reconnecting love, our wombs, pumpum’s, vagina’s, yoni’s its all-powerful and once we start treating “her” like she deserves ,you will see just how powerful “she”  is ,which is ultimately you. You will begin to manifest good things in your life and release all the traumatic things that may have happened during your lifetime with your womb. I’ll save that for another read. Hope you enjoyed. Now grab a mirror, undress, lie down, bend your knees, take the mirror to face your vagina and tell her “I love you”, just like how you would want that special someone to tell you.

Contributing Writer:
Olanikee Osi

Instagram: @OlanikeeOsi



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