The Journey.. Managing All the Feels by Kortnee Price


Last night after wrapping up on set and having a very refreshing conversation with another beautiful creative, a young lady who overheard our conversation walked up to me and asked.. "How old are you? How do you have it all figured out so young?"

My reply to her was simply that I don't. No one has it all figured out. The beauty of your journey is that it's yours, and yours alone. Along with that, your process is different as well. I began my process by taking a look at my life, and looking at it as big as the picture could get in my head, I looked at who I was at the time, who I've always been, and decided that I wanted something more, something better.. Something so beautiful that even I could not describe the experience.

I had to find comfort in my own skin. This meant spending A LOT time with myself, being totally transparent, establishing boundaries, engaging in self care, and purging my life in so many ways, speaking the life I desire with pure intentions. Manifestation, to me, is honestly just making the decision that you're going to do something. Ridding my space and cleansing my energy of all things and people that are unnecessary and have not my best interest at heart was just one of the most liberating feelings in my ongoing journey. So yeah, that one way friendship/relationship BS? Gotta go. Harboring all of the negative emotions and naysayers of friends and family? Gotta go. (boundaries, people) All those clothes I hadn't paid attention to since I moved 2 years ago? Gotta go. Moments? We all have them, move on. The key to managing all the feels is embracing them.

I found that when my space is crowded, so is my mind. My mental, spiritual, and physical health is now everything to me. It IS my wealth. I am the only person that is with me every second of the day, this body and everything within it is all I have until my unknown expiration. For that sole reason alone, I should be good to it, right? Right.

I'm discovering home, courage, and my Queendom little by little every single day. I manifest and welcome all the good feels, the love vibes, and all the lessons that mother earth is willing to supply as she sees fit.

Love yourself, love your journey, love ALL the feels. There is no such thing as bad, just challenges and lessons learned.



 Known as an artistic multi-passion-ite, Kortnee is an Ohio bred artist, blogger, and the owner of In her teenage years, writing became a way of therapy, healing, and expression and also jump started her passion for songwriting at the age of 19. Just a few years later, she’d start “ShesLovetarian” to document and share her journey of self care, good food, and dope art as she continues to discover herself and home in the city of Atlanta. Connect with me on social media: Instagram @Sheslovetarian , Facebook @Sheslovetarian and add on Snapchat: @Sheslovetarian.

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