The Blessings Jar & Why You Need One In Your Life

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you didn't accomplish enough throughout your day? You may have had a to-do list written but by the end of the day you were left to wonder where the time went. Or maybe, you had a moment where you felt down and needed your energy uplifted. Don’t worry, I have something great to share with you that is very helpful for those situations. It’s called a blessings jar.

Right about now you are probably wondering “what the heck is a blessings jar?”. It’s okay, I thought that at first too. A blessings jar is a jar that constantly reminds us of how blessed we truly are. The blessings jar is a jar full of the blessings you receive throughout the year. Blessings can be considered anything that may have happened that put you in a good mood. Examples would be good news you found out, a bonus at work or even feeling extremely grateful to be alive.  During the year, you write down your blessings and you place them in a clear jar. These blessings should be written down as soon as it comes your way so it can be added to the jar. The blessings jar serves as a reminder that there is a lot to be grateful for, that you have accomplished much in your life and  serves as a mood booster when you may be having a bad day.

How It Works

To start a blessings jar, you first need an empty transparent jar. The transparency allows you to see your blessings as they pile-up throughout the year and serves as motivation to continue to add them in.

Next, place the jar in an area of your home that you visit frequently. This ensures that you see it often and show more appreciation for the blessings. I recommend the kitchen because we all have to eat or drink at some point throughout the day. Once this place is decided, have a stack of note-cards or sticky notes along with a pen next to the jar. This is to ensure that when you have the urge to write down a blessing you always have something to write it down on.  Once you have something to write down, make sure to place the date on your note so that when you start reading them you can see how far back that date was. After writing, roll up your blessing and place it in the jar.

Whenever you may be having a bad day, you can open your jar and read some as a pick me up. Some other ideas would be to have a jar for yourself personally and a jar that you’re whole family can participate in. Some people have been known to wait until New Year’s Eve to open up their jar and reflect before the New Year enters.  However you decide to use yours, I know it will serve as a great mood booster. Try it out for a week and let me know how it goes for you!

Vanessa White is the CEO and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. A company dedicated to offering women self-love inspired products, that not only provide a physically detox but provide a detox on emotional and spiritual levels. Vanessa knows that as women, we hold many past traumas in our womb areas, which can create disease, so as women we need something that focus on all 3 levels. She promotes women using affirmations and visualizations to tap into their inner goddess on a deeper level so that they can make the life they want. You can find her on Instagram and twitter @Olanikeeosi . You can find her company page and be a part of the 44,000 and growing #GoddessDetoxTribe through Instagram and twitter @GoddessDetox

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