Should I Eat Meat or Should I Not Eat Meat?


Should I eat meat or should I not eat meat? This may be something you are pondering about with the incoming information there is about meat products. Is meat really bad for me? Is it better to go on an all-natural plant based diet? As you are deciding this, I want to give you some information that will help you make the best decision for you. This article is not one-sided. You know how some people may say it’s either white or black? Well I am giving you the view point of being in that gray area. I don’t believe in just strictly this or that; there is always a middle in my opinion.
I believe that you should limit this type of meat:
First let us start off with some facts we should know about the meat industry in the states especially. Much of the meat on the market has been pumped with hormones and antibiotics. So imagine those little cows and chickens made to be 10x their size so that the meat industry can provide meat to you at a cheaper cost and keep up with the growing population. That was not to gross you out either, these are facts you should be thinking about when making your decision. This type of meat, the type that has hormones and antibiotics pumped into it has been linked to cancer and an early onset of puberty for girls. What that animal ate before you ate it is transferred into your body, so those growth hormones and antibiotics are something to watch out for.
This does not mean I am saying not to eat meat. I just want you to be mindful of the meat you are getting if you decide to eat meat.
We should know that traditionally the animals that meats come from were raised different then they are today:
Traditionally, animals were in open fields eating grass. They were not given hormones or antibiotics. These animals were very healthy and because they were raised in a healthy manner their meat was healthier. Not only did we eat the flesh of the meat like legs and thighs but we also ate the organ meat associated with the animal. Did you know that grass-fed liver is high in iron and other nutrients? This type of meat is the kind you should be looking for. Look for labels such as grass-fed and antibiotic free when you got out grocery shopping.
Is being a vegan healthier?
A vegan diet is one where people only plant- based food items. They do not eat meat, dairy, or products that have any animal product. There have been people who have become vegan and they have stated that they have noticed their energy increase, they have lost  weight and they feel healthier overall. Some women have even shrunken their fibroids by changing their diet to a vegan one. One of the most asked questions to those who are vegan are where do they get their protein from? Surprisingly there are many plant based protein options such as: lentils, black beans, quinoa, peanut butter, almonds and more.
 Is eating a more traditional diet healthier?
A traditional diet consists of eating foods that people ate before the industrial change in the food industry. In other words a diet rich in foods our great great great grandmothers and fathers were preparing ad eating. Foods typically consist of whole grains, organ meats, grass-fed meats, wild sea food and raw dairy. These foods did not have hormones or chemicals added before consumption. These foods are rich in vitamins, full fat and nutrients. Some examples would be Kimchi found in Asia, bone broth made from scratch and raw milk with the cream of the milk still on top .People who have turned to a more traditional diet have said that it has helped with their fertility, eczema and overall energy and health.
So whose side am I on personally?
I am currently more on the traditional foods side. I make sure to look for items that are free of chemicals, raised outdoors and roaming and that I know my ancestors took time to prepare. I am mindful and choose to not eat meat everyday as well. This is what works for me at the moment.
What side should you choose?
You should choose a diet that makes you happy and keeps you healthy. I suggest doing your research on both and doing what makes you feel good. There is never just one side to everything. Don’t be afraid to mix and match instead of just letting the choice define you. Instead of being a traditional eater or a vegan, maybe you are just a person who eats healthy for themselves and that is good enough. Here are some links below that can give you more insight:
I want to learn more about being vegan:
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