Self- Care: Actions For Your Soul, Why It’s Necessary by Vanessa White

You may have been hearing more often that your self-care is important. You may think, well I eat, I work, I try to get everything off of my to-do list for the day and then I get home and barely have anytime for myself, so yea it’s important but is it possible? Yes it is possible and actually necessary. Self- care is more than just keeping a roof over your head and feeding yourself. Self-care gets into your hearts core about how you really feel about yourself. You may have heard of the saying “actions speak louder than words.” When you analyze your actions towards yourself, do they scream out “I love myself?” or are they just reflecting your day to day survival?

Self-care is about doing loving acts that speak to your soul. Actions that de-stress you, help you to relax and bring you joy. Four examples would be taking a luxurious bath for 30 minutes, taking a nap after getting home from a long day, reading that book you have been meaning to read for the past month or getting a toe curling massage. It is necessary to incorporate self-care into your daily routine so that your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being is in balance with one another. When one or two are out of whack then your functioning and being able to be your best self for you and others is not possible.

Think about 3 acts of self-care you would do for yourself if time was not a factor. Write them down and do one of them this week. Push that one thing on your to-do list that you know can wait and insert your self- care into your to-do list. I promise your soul will thank you.

Written by Vanessa White: Follow her on Instagram: @OlanikeeOsi



  • Posted by yolanda daniels on

    Thank you for the encouragement for self care, we as mother’s tend to forget that. I also enjoyed the yesterday’s morning message.

    Thanks again your great
    Yolanda Daniels

  • Posted by Kendra on

    I like these messages but for me it’s way beyond self care. I need self repair… I’m so heart broken and drained from life in general.

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