What The Fuck Is Smudging?

Alright, so boom check it. We are all on our own individual spiritual journey in search of connection, understanding, wisdom-- you know all that high level, high power, intuitive shit. Most of us, however, struggle with really being connected to our spiritual self because of the useless shit we carry around. For the things, we claim responsibility to when it really isn’t ours to carry in the first place.

I’ve been getting in the habit of saying things like:

“It’s not my responsibility to be his emotional support.”

“It’s not my responsibility to say Happy Birthday if, I don’t want to”

“It’s not my responsibility to…..” [followed by whatever action I feel responsible for but really could give a fuck about].

Developing a smudging ritual helps you to properly navigate, let go and invite in new energies that help to balance you.

I became increasingly intentional about my smudging practices while working this stressful ass freelancing gig back in 2018 and while navigating through my own emotional stress and trauma. And now its like a part of my everyday routine because you know zen and all that shit is important. 


You’re probably wondering what the fuck is smudging but, don’t worry-- ya girl, got you. I’m about to get into that next.

What The Fuck Is Smudging

I think some people may say, “you sage it”. But that makes no fucking sense. The correct term is smudging. And smudging is the practice of burning herbs and resins with the intentions to purify places, objects, and people. It is used to repel negative energies and entities, uplift and invite positive energy and to offer blessings.

In other words, it helps you declutter your emotional and spiritual shit so that you can make room for the necessary.



Smudging Spaces

When smudging areas like your home or your office pay special attention to the corners as energies tend to linger there. Pause in areas where the energies are the heaviest and/or the darkest. Be sure to set your intentions BEFORE lighting the sage. Take note of how you are feeling and focus on the energies you want to fill your space with.

Pay attention to your breath. Take slow, deep ones, clear your mind and release what is no longer yours. Say thank you for the time served and open up your space to new life, connections and blessings.




I usually like to take this time to recite some kind of affirmation or meditation. I recommend you all do the same. So, something simple like:

I fill my space with light and positivity. Only light and positivity surround me.

It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out. I think that’s where people go wrong with affirmations they think it has to be this long “prayer-like” connotation. And it doesn’t.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Listen to your inner voice. It’s already telling you what to focus on. It's already telling you what you need.

Smudging Yourself

Every morning and every night, I take about 5 minutes to just welcome in the new day and to release myself from it. In the morning times, I’ll usually stand in front of my window or in the center of my room and in soft circles pass the stick around me. During this time, I again take this opportunity to speak whatever is on my mind and usually, it is something like:

I bring in the day with ease. I am fully equipped to handle whatever the day may bring. I will not allow outside forces, energies or spaces to interrupt my natural flow. On this day, I am open to growth. I am open to change. And I am open to newness. Thank You God and/or The Universe for supporting me in all my ways.

And before bed, as the day ends I merely just say thank you for carrying me through and I ask for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Cleansing Objects

As human beings we aren’t always mindful of the various energies we introduce into our space on an everyday basis. Rather its new clothes, a new set of crystals, a new couch, just anything that we have no control over where it came from carries the energy of those who interacted with it before you.


Cleanse your shit.




Set clear intentions for the objects you are bringing in. If it’s a new couch, are you wanting it to bring you more laughter and community with your family and friends? Are the crystals there to spiritually awaken you? Are you wanting to dive deeper into your sensual and sexual self? Are you opening your heart to love?

Regardless of what it is, set an intention. Thank it for the role it will play in your life moving forward and free it of the things that were never yours, to begin with.

Sage, smudging and the art of cleansing your aura is all about connection and vulnerability. This is your sacred space. This is your body. These are your things.

Let go and be transformed.


Brianne Patrice is a Brooklyn based writer and content creator. Her work dives deep into sensuality, sexuality, love, loss, growth + the art of becoming. She is an advocate for solo sex and believes heavily in the power of healing through our sensual and sexual self.


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