Moon Cycles- Full Moon Ritual


A women’s body whether they know or not, is in sync with the moon. Just as how the moon effects the oceans tides it has also been said that the moon affects our body’s electromagnetic field.  Just as how the moon goes through all of its 8 phases in roughly 28 days, a women‘s menstrual cycle (from the first day she begins her period to the beginning of the next one) is said to be on average 28 days as well. The phases of the moon and our menstrual cycles or our “moon cycles”, as I like to say, go through 4 main phases of birth, development, death and rebirth. The four common phases are:


The New Moon: considered the birth phase, a time to set intentions, seeds for growth.

The Waxing (Crescent) Moon:   considered the development phase, a time for continued growth.

The Full Moon:  Considered to be the death phase. This is would be the time for harvest. This phase is considered a plentiful time, high energy, a time to release what no longer serves you.

The Waning Moon: Considered the rebirth phase. After letting go of what no longer serves you, this is a time to go within and make what you released a reality.


In indigenous cultures many women revered the moon. During different phases of the moon, women would have their own special activities that they did together. Some activities were about releasing, cleansing or manifesting which is something that is clear to see or understand, bringing something into this reality. When women were out in nature more often, their menstrual cycles were right on clock with the moon, with many women starting their menstrual cycles during the Full or New Moon phases. Women would spend time together under the moon knowing that this was a source that they were connected to. Now that many more women are more westernized, a women’s menstrual cycle may not always flow with the moon but this doesn’t mean that as women our relationship with the moon has to become out of sync as well. We can still continue and create our own activities centered on the phases of the moon.


Today we are focused on a time of releasing with the full moon. Below you will find a full moon activity to do. Try this activity with group of your good female friends or solo if you’d like. Do this after 10 pm if you can, when the house is quiet.

Let That Sh*t GoFull Moon Activity

  1. Put on something white if have. If not put on something with very light colors.
  2. Write a list out of all things you wish to release: this can be negative energy, negative people surrounding you, habits you wish to break. An example statement: “I wish to release negative thoughts about my body.”
  3. Grab a tea light candle or a white candle if you have. If you don’t have one it’s okay.
  4. Light the candle.
  5. With your release letter written out, sit with the candle and your letter for 10 minutes in silence, preferably with your eyes closed. During this meditative time try to let your thoughts free flow and to not stay stuck on any one particular thought. When done, write down anything you wish to release that may have come to mind.
  6. Next take your letter, a ceramic or glass bowl and a lighter and go outside.
  7. Once outside, look for the moon if you can see it, think about what you are about to release and say “I would like to release” and read what you have written.
  8. Light your letter with the lighter and drop it in the bowl to burn. (Make sure nothing flammable is around). Allow it to burn until its ash.
  9. Throw the ashes in the dirt, if no dirt nearby then the trash will do.
  10. Say thank you to the moon if comfortable and then go back inside.
  11. Partake in something that will make you feel good such as taking a bath, drinking some tea, writing your thoughts in your journal about how your feeling.

I will be partaking in this ritual tonight as well. Let me know how it went for you by tagging either my Instagram or Goddess Detox’s Instagram:page as well as tagging us in your Full Moon Ritual Pictures on Instagram. Hashtag #GoddessHabits


Vanessa White is the CEO and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. A company dedicated to offering women self-love inspired products, that not only provide a physically detox but provide a detox on emotional and spiritual levels. Vanessa knows that as women, we hold many past traumas in our womb areas, which can create disease, so as women we need something that focus on all 3 levels. She promotes women using affirmations and visualizations to tap into their inner goddess on a deeper level so that they can make the life they want. You can find her on Instagram and twitter @Olanikeeosi . You can find her company page and be a part of the 34,000 and growing #GoddessDetoxTribe through Instagram and twitter @GoddessDetox




  • Posted by Bobbi Lee on

    Enjoyed sharing a Fullmoon cleanse, rebirth with close friends . My newest friend who is my best friends wife is a Scorpio and haddent ever done anything of the sort. We used a terra cotta small title pot with chumming. We were out camping at Turtle beach.. Amazing . The 3 of us represent earth , fire and water.. thanks for explanation and we all wrote our offerings we were releasing on small postettes and folded and put in this small little basket with lid and as it drew closer to midnight I had read the phase we were in before midnight and now the Pink moon ..

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