How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home From Negative Energy and Why You Need To By Vanessa White

Arguments had with lovers, friends that come over to vent or just a feeling of negative vibes around you means it’s time for you to clean your home. I don’t mean sweeping and wiping down with Clorox either. I mean energetically clean your home.

 When we look at the world around us everyone and everything is made up of Energy. It’s unseen to the naked eye but it’s there. A practical example would be the feeling you may get when you first meet someone. You either get good vibes or bad vibes. The words we speak transmit energy. That’s why when a friend comes over to vent or you’ve had an argument with anyone either in person or over the phone, it’s important to cleanse your home. View it as cleansing the bad vibes from your home.

You may ask: why not let the bad vibes stay there? If you do not cleanse your home you are opening up yourself  to constantly being surrounded by negative energy. Your home should be a place of peace, your sanctuary from the everyday mundane, a place of positivity. If you are surrounded by negative energy this can affect your mood, behavior and thought pattern. You may find yourself procrastinating more than usual, in a state of depression that seemed to have come out of nowhere or just an overall uncomfortable feeling in your home. Doing this 1x a month should keep your home’s energy flowing.

I have provided the “how to” on what to do below:
1.Sweep your home.
2.Move away items that may be in the way when you begin to mop.
3.Fill a mop bucket with hot water, your favorite mop cleaner, 20 drops of lavender essential oil, Florida water or rose water, and basil the plant or essential oil.
4.Speak your intention over the bucket of your mop water mixture towards removing negative and stagnant energy from your home.
5.Mop as normal, and then throw water down the toilet.
6.Rinse mop, refill your mop bucket with cold water this time, and add Florida water and or rose water, basil and drops of lavender essential oil. No cleaner should be in this refill.
7.Mop the house again and let it air dry. You can open up windows and doors to help speed up drying time.
8.Now take Sage or Palo Santo, light it, and go around the house as either one is lit and smoking and speak your intentions of cleansing your home of any negative energy.

After doing this cleansing, your home should feel lighter and at peace. This will allow the good energy to flow around you so that you can be your best self. If you want to cleanse in between mopping you can burn Sage and or Palo Santo as instructed in number 8 either every day or when you feel it’s necessary.

I have provided the needed items pictured below as well as links on where to get each ingredients, just click on the photo to be directed to the website:

Vanessa White is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox. She is from Ft.Lauderdale, FL , loves beaches and airports. Vanessa is on her own self-love journey and wants other women to be empowered by loving themselves as well. She loves to write and share information that will help other women on their own self-love journey.
You can see her journey on Instagram: @Olanikeeosi



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    Funny how I grew up taking this ritual for granted. As a child of Caribbean descent this wasn’t uncommon. Its only as I got older and started living on my own and became more spiritually in tuned that it all became clear and I also implemented the practice!

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