How Damiana Can Help Boost Your Sex Life

Lookin’ to spice up the bedroom, boo? Look no further than this amazing herb, Damiana.

Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac for years. It’s included infertility tea blends, sexy bath salts, and after-dinner cordials.



Scientifically, damiana is legitAF. It’s particularly helpful in situations where you and/or your partner have been really stressed and haven’t really been in the mood. It fights anxiety by healing your nervous system and helping relax so you can be in the moment with your lover.

TBH, it’s crazy to me that damiana isn’t super popular. You can find it anywhere. And it’s hella effective. 

Straight damiana tea tastes amazing, but if you want to boost its relaxing and sultry vibes, add some cacao, berries and rose petals.

If you want to take it one step further, after you simmer your damiana tea down for at least 30 minutes, you can turn it into a delectable after-dinner aperitif.

All you have to do is strain the dregs and add the decoction back to the pot. Add honey to it and warm for another 30 minutes. Allow it to cool all the way. Add a shot of bourbon or rum to your sweet tea with a strawberry on the rim. No one can resist that. 



For women, damiana helps you find that sex drive again. Whether you lost it due to stress or you’re going through something with your body, like illness or menopause, damiana has got you, boo.

Damiana is an awesome herb for vaginal dryness because it brings oxygen down to your yoni area and helps you get out of your head enough to be fully engaged. When you’re in your body and the moment, damiana will help you have the best orgasms of your life, babe. I swear. I’ve experienced it.

But damiana doesn’t heal your sex drive on a temporary basis, it goes deep and heals your stress response so that you can relax, want, and enjoy sex in the future.

Damiana is a necessary herb in all men’s sexual health remedies. It’s been used as folk medicine in Central and South America for generations but has also been proven by clinical studies.

Though Damiana is an awesome herb for sex drive in general, it’s especially good for men. It boosts the blood flow to the genitals, helping them get hard and stay hard.

When you take Damiana as a couple, you’re showing that you’re excited about getting intimate. You’re committing to leaving the day and its stresses behind you. You’re telling your partner that you want to be there in that moment with them.

Damiana helps both of you by keeping depression and anxiety at bay while giving you extra energy to have a great time lovin’ on each other.

This article was written by Goddess Detox's Chief Herbalist, Alyssa Humann, CH.

Alyssa is our on-site herbalist. She became a certified herbalist through the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine. She is a published essayist who’s been featured on HerbMentor. She is a copyeditor with Nick Polizzi at the Sacred Science. Her life revolves around the passion to bring plant medicine back to the people through education and relationships. She is a small business owner living in Portland, OR. She focuses on making custom remedial kits for her clients to help them come back into balance as they approach holistic healing together. 

Instagram: @PdxPestle


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