A New Season: Fall’n out of Friendships by Kiandra Jeane’

Sometimes the season we meet a person is the exact season we were meant to leave them in. Often times, we find ourselves dissatisfied and wanting more from a person, more than they are capable of giving, simply because we have dragged them along for a few seasons longer than we were supposed to.

 The hardest thing to do is to let a person in your life, whom you love dearly, go.  To have so many fond memories, secrets, and laughs built up with a person and just let it all become a thing of the past can be a tough feat for anyone. The fact of the matter is, it is time. In that said point in your life, they were essential. Here you are years or even months later and the friendship seems to be fading. Communication has decreased from every day to once a month and you’re freaking out. Sometimes connections just run their course and while some friendships are able to stand the test of time, others change with life’s journey itself.

 See the thing about growth is that with growth comes letting go of people.

I am here today to tell you that I have let some friends go and I am okay. It is okay. Sometimes you have to realize that there is no love lost, but maybe it’s just better to love from a distance. The greatest reward lies in knowing that you have no hate in your heart and no shame in moving forward. If this made you think about a friendship with an old pal, simply hope that everything is well on their end, because hey, it’s not you or them. It’s  life… and the leaves are changing.

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Kiandra Jeane’ is a Miami native, that enjoys all things artistic and creative. With a passion for speaking her truth through pen and paper, her blog is a relatable read for all! Whether it be a laugh, a newfound desire to conquer your fears, or even just that needed 3 minute get away from your 8-hour shift, she desires to inspire!

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  • Posted by DAriyel on

    Love this!! It’s okay to let go <3

  • Posted by Monique on

    Wow!! This really confirmed some things for me! Great post! Cheers!

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