7 Effective Ways to Get Over Your Ex

Breaking up can feel like a stab in the heart, literally, and I have been there multiple times. Now I am with the love of my life after getting married at  20 and divorcing at 24. Trust me, I know a thing or two about breakups and I want to share them with you. If you follow these steps, you will surely get over your ex.
1. Stop speaking to them and the majority of their family.

Many people think it's okay to speak to an ex right after the break-up. Why this is, I am unsure. How does one expect to get over their ex if they are speaking to them right after a breakup?  When you stop communicating with your ex, you give yourself the time and space to let go of the relationship you had. Relationships, at times, can be like an addiction. Even though it may feel like the hardest thing to do, you should cut them off cold turkey. This allows you the time you need to ween yourself off of them.

Their family too? Yes, the majority of their family as well. I understand you may be close to your ex’s parents but if you are truly trying to move on why would you still talk to so much of the family? When you are that close to the family, the parents always understand that you are the best thing that happened to their child. This is why they will always try to repair the relationship and drop subtle, or not so subtle, hints. Why would you risk getting information about what your ex is up to because frankly at this point you shouldn’t even care anymore. You are trying to heal yourself so please let your ex and their family go.

Oh, but I have a child with my ex, what should I do? That is fine; just make sure that when you are speaking with your ex it is strictly about the child that you all share together, nothing more.

 2.Delete all photos you have of your ex.

Sometimes old pictures can be a crutch. When you delete all the photos you have, it stops you from reminiscing about the good times. Let's face it, none of us keep pictures to remember the bad times. If you’re a person like me who likes to scrapbook your life, you may want to save a few photos in a folder on your computer and go back to them at a later date, for scrapbooking purposes ONLY. If you feel like you cannot handle this and may go peeking into this folder from time to time then do not make the folder.

 3.Cry about it.

Crying releases certain emotions from your body and is very therapeutic. Crying is a healthy way to release so take your time to cry, reminisce and purge yourself of the relationship.

 4. Delete all your ex’s social media.

Once you and your ex have broken up, you should not be following them on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (yea I know you still want to keep tabs, let them go and unfollow their snap), Facebook, Youtube ( if they have one), delete all text message threads and all Whatsapp or Kik threads. This prevents you from being nosy and checking to see what your ex is doing. Again, you should not even care at this point, or at least pretend not to care until you can get to the point of not caring.

 5.Release their energy from your vagina and womb area.

Yes it’s true. Once you have sex with someone you are exchanging energy. You want to energetically release your ex’s energy from your vagina and womb area. A great way to do this is by using your words and herbs. If you decide to opt for a yoni steam, before starting the steam, speak your intentions of releasing that specific ex(s) from your womb area. I need you to say their name when doing this. If using a Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl, I need you to speak your intentions of releasing this specific ex into each pearl you use before inserting into your womb area. Both of these methods will help you release you of old energies.

 6.Remember why you broke up.

Remembering why you broke up will keep you sane and motivated to stay on your path of healing from the end of the relationship.

 7.Know that at the end of the day, you will be blessed with a better love.

Keep this in mind throughout your healing journey. You will have another lover walk into your life that was better than the last. They will be sweeter, funnier and treat you like gold. In the meantime work on yourself. Learn a new skill, say your affirmations, get to know yourself better and hang out with upbeat friends and grow.

I promise you will get over your ex love. What are you doing right now to get over your ex? Comment below as I would love to hear.

Vanessa White is the CEO and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. A company dedicated to offering women self-love inspired products, that not only provide a physically detox but provide a detox on emotional and spiritual levels. Vanessa knows that as women, we hold many past traumas in our womb areas, which can create disease, so as women we need something that focus on all 3 levels. She promotes women using affirmations and visualizations to tap into their inner goddess on a deeper level so that they can make the life they want. You can find her on Instagram and twitter @Olanikeeosi . You can find her company page and be a part of the 34,000 and growing #GoddessDetoxTribe through Instagram and twitter @GoddessDetox

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