5 Ways to Honor Your Menstrual Cycle & Why


Once upon a time, women used to take the time to honor their menstrual cycles as they were experiencing them. Depending on how rough your cycle is, you might be thinking “why would I do that?” or “wow that’s cool.” Either way, honoring our cycles is something we should be getting back to doing as women.
Within a community, women would gather when they were on their cycles and bleed together. They would form circles, sing together and enjoy the feminine energy they had as a community. Many would sit outside and spend time with the moon because they had the understanding of how  the moon was connected with them. It has also been said that while women were bleeding they would share their blood back with mother earth and the plants would grow healthy based on all the nutrients found in their blood. Imagine, the same blood a baby would have been nourished with in a mother’s womb going back to the Earth. I think that’s pretty awesome.
Honoring your menstrual cycle, or moon cycle as I like to say, is important to do because it connects you back with your femininity. It brings you back to understanding that at a basic nature, you are a woman. A woman that can create a life within her and birth that life. As a woman you can create ideas centered in your womb and birth those ideas, it doesn’t always have to be physical but can be spiritual as well.
In today’s society many women are unhappy with their menstrual cycles. Many women are in too much pain or have ailments such as PCOS, fibroids, cysts and a list of others that make having a menstrual cycle unbearable. That is understandable but as women we should watch the way we speak to our womb area (uterus). Even if you are having an unbearable cycle, do not say that out loud. Your womb hears you and in reaction your cycles will continue to be unbearable. Thoughts and words are so powerful and they influence the world around us. The way we treat our wombs on our cycles is also reflective of us and the relationship we have with our bodies. When having a cycle, yes even an unbearable one; take time out to practice these womb honoring practices below and comment below your favorite one.
  • 1.Take off work on the heaviest day of your cycle
  • Take off work!! Yes, take off work. When on your cycle the best way to honor your cycle is to relax. Some of us are full time workers, full time mommies, and full time students; we need a break at some point. Now it’s up to you to take your self-care seriously and to take off work on your heaviest day, so you can drop your kid(s) off and then go right back home to relax before more things come up that you have to do for the family.
  • 2. Drink herbal teas that are good for your uterus
  • Having a cup of herbal tea on your cycle can promote blood flow, lessen cramping and aid in overall womb health. Some good teas to have on your cycle are chamomile, ginger, dong quai and red raspberry leaf tea. While drinking this tea make sure your feet are up off the ground so you can relax deeper.
  • 3. Give yourself a womb massage with natural essential oils added
  • This one should be fun. You can warm up coconut oil, olive oil, or apricot oil and then add 1-3 drops of an essential oil such as lavender or peppermint into the mix. Lay back in bed and gently massage your uterus area with this. This will promote blood flow, ease any cramps you may be having, provide your uterus with the healing benefits of the essential oil and promotes relaxation.
  • 4. Take time to be creative
  • During this time, many women are more inclined to express themselves and what better way is there than to get creative. Some ideas include painting, drawing, coloring book (adult coloring books are a thing now), hula hooping (taking it back to the second grade) and any type of dance that includes moving your hips.
  • 5. Start a period or Moon Cycle journal
  • This is an awesome way to keep track of your cycles and how you are feeling during them. Some women can opt in for the mobile app version, which is cool, but I am more of a pen and paper girl. You would deem a special journal your moon cycle journal; making it beautiful and then when your cycle comes around you would add a date into the journal and explain how you are feeling. You can even describe your cycle, noting if it was heavy, light, spotting, etc.
    All of these tips should help you feel a closer connection with your womb area and help aid in having smoother cycles. If you are women who would like to join other women as they are bleeding, I would look up “red tents”. Red tents are a circle of women that get together to sing, dance, write and be around each other at the time on their cycles. It gets back to the way many women honored their cycles in traditional cultures.
    I hope you enjoyed this article and that you start to honor your cycle more.


    Vanessa White is the CEO and Creative Director of Goddess Detox. A company dedicated to offering women self-love inspired products, that not only provide a physically detox but provide a detox on emotional and spiritual levels. Vanessa knows that as women, we hold many past traumas in our womb areas, which can create disease, so as women we need something that focus on all 3 levels. She promotes women using affirmations and visualizations to tap into their inner goddess on a deeper level so that they can make the life they want. You can find her on Instagram and twitter @Olanikeeosi . You can find her company page and be a part of the 50,000 and growing #GoddessDetoxTribe through Instagram and twitter @GoddessDetox


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      Honestly this is a whole new thing for me so it was interesting. I kinda can’t get with a bunch of ladies celebrating their cycles together ONLY because the first day of my cycle I am like a beast mean as hell , overly sensitive and emotional. So taking a day off may be the best route for me

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