4 Surprising Things You Can Do To Shut That Negative Voice Out


We all have that inner voice inside of us, the one we talk to on a daily. Now don’t you dare lie, I know we all have conversations with ourselves. This voice can be your biggest cheerleader or your worst enemy. Sometimes we may let this inner voice tell us that we cannot do something, that we are not worthy, and that we simply do not belong. Thoughts like these can actually stop us from taking action, can stop us from raising our hand in class, from voicing our opinion or stop us from making strides toward a dream we have always had. This is not something we want. We want a voice that will push us and keep us going. Below are 4 techniques   that will help you shut that negative voice out.

  1. I want you to release the terms positive and negative when it comes to your thoughts.

Instead I want you to think of a thought you have in this manner:  ask yourself, does this thought serve me? Or is this a thought that does not serve me? Why? When we think of our thoughts as positive or negative we leave room for punishing our inner voice. Our inner voice is really our inner selves and when we start to think of our thoughts as negative we start blaming ourselves for having a simple thought, and that is simply what it is, a thought before we label it positive or negative. When you ask yourself if the thought you are having is one that serves you and the answer is yes then continue to have those thoughts. If the answer is no I want you to look into step 2.

  1. Become a Grown Ass Wombman: this is a woman who knows what she wants, gets her stuff together and then goes after it. 3 simple steps.

If a thought comes into your head that is not serving you to be your best self, ask yourself what it is you want specifically, then gather information that will get you there and then you do it. For example, let’s say you are speaking to yourself in your head and you say “I am such a jiggly blob.” You ask yourself, “Does this thought serve me?” You answer “no it doesn’t.” Now you’re going to let your grown ass wombman talk and you’re going to actually think of what it is you would like. Instead of using a thought that does not serve you now your saying to yourself “I would like to lose 25 pounds, how can I do that?” Now after asking yourself this, you do your research, purchase what you may need to lose the weight and then you go and loose the weight. So instead of scolding yourself, reframe your mind and then see what it is you would really like and be a grown ass wombman about it.

  1. Say out loud what you are thankful for.

When a thought that does not serve you comes into your head, automatically think and say what it is you are thankful for. This allows you to come from your heart space vs your mind. When you say what it is you are thankful for, even all the things we take for granted like the home we live in, the shoes we put on every day or the food in our fridge, we create the energy of gratitude around us. This helps to  take our mind off of that thought that does not serve us. This energy helps us to feel happy and allows us to get more of what we want out of life. If you are thankful for the little things you will be thankful for the huge things.

  1. Realize that your words are powerful.

The sooner this is realized the more you can work with your power. Your thoughts govern your subconscious. When you speak something out loud you are probably thinking it as well. Words and thoughts that do not serve you will be in your subconscious mind, causing you to do actions that no longer serve you. Wondering why you are not succeeding in life? Why you may be unhappy? This can all be traced back to the words you say about yourself and your thoughts. Try saying affirmations such as “I am successful, I am a winner, I am always doing what I love.” Do this for two weeks straight and you will  see that your actions  change for the better.

 These 4 surprising steps will help you if you practice them. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. I would love to hear your progress. Do you think you can do these steps? Comment below.




Vanessa White is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox. She is from Ft.Lauderdale, FL , loves beaches and airports. Vanessa is on her own self-love journey and wants other women to be empowered by loving themselves as well. She loves to write and share information that will help other women on their own self-love journey.
You can see her journey on Instagram: @Olanikeeosi



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