4 Reasons You Should Be Waking Up Early For Your Self-Care

Waking up early. Who likes this? Especially if you already have to be up by 6:30am to get ready for work. 

Well I am here to tell you that waking up even earlier may be better for your overall well being. I am going to give you 4 reasons why you should be up at least an hour before you have to get ready to leave your house.  

1.You Have Time To Prepare a Good Meal 

How many times have you rushed out the door with a granola bar in hand or picked up Starbucks on the way?  This is very unhealthy and no way to take care  of your body. When you are up an hour before needing to get ready for the day, you give yourself that time to show tender loving care to yourself by making a nice breakfast. If you are not a breakfast person then make yourself a nice lunch for the day instead of eating out. 

2.You Have Time To Poop

 Now you must know that pooping on a regular basis is one of the best ways your body cleanses. When you make time to wake up before rushing to work you can allow yourself time to enjoy a nice morning poop. If you need help pooping, I suggest taking a tablespoon or so of flaxseed meal into your water before bed. You can find the brand I suggest HERE .


In the morning,  make a pot of hot water and add a lemon slice. Drink this and it will stimulate your digestive system to wake up and provide that bowel movement you are looking for. 

3.You Have Time To Get Your Body Moving 

Whether it’s yoga, a 30 minute cardio workout or a light walk around the neighborhood, getting your body moving is beneficial for the health of your heart and joints. Waking early provides you with the time to do this. I know personally, that when I tried going to workout after a long day of work , I just wasn’t into it, plus the gym was crowded. 

4.You Have Time For A Self-Love Morning Routine 

Morning routines  are a set of things you do in the morning to get you prepared for the day. For instance, many people need to do yoga in the morning, some need to pray, some need to eat breakfast. I want you to figure out some things that will get you going in the morning and make that your self-love morning routine. 

To help aid in this, I also have my own 5 Step Self-Love Ritual that takes 7 minutes or less that I do to jumpstart my own mornings. 

You can check it out HERE.

Which reason is your favorite? Comment below.


Author: Vanessa White aka @OlanikeeOsi aka Self-Love Empowerment Manifestor aka Head #SelfishBabe


Vanessa is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox, author and self-love influencer.She likes to call herself a self-love manifestor, teaching women around the world manifest self-love in their everyday lives. She wants women to selfishly and authentically love themselves. If you are just now starting your self-love journey, check out her 5 Step Self-Love Ritual E-Guide here. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat @OlanikeeOsi. Check out her latest book "The Power of Looking at Your Yoni" here.


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