3 Things To Do To Make Sure Your Dreams Come True by Vanessa White

When you have a goal, a dream or a passion you want to see happen, there are three things you must do in order for them to come true.

1.Believe in yourself

This is number 1 because all dreams start with the belief in yourself and your abilities. You may not know when, where or how to start to get things going but the few things you do have are yourself and your thoughts. You must believe in yourself. One way to start is to stand in front of a mirror and repeat about 50 gazillion times “I believe in myself.” You may not believe it right when you start but you will one day, I promise that. Your dreams can not work if you do not believe in you.

2. Ignore those that have no faith in your dream

This is critical. Whether these are people you call friends, family members or your relationship partners. Not everyone will have faith in your dream and frankly they do not have to. It would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but it is not their dream to have faith in. You need to be the one that has faith in your dreams. The reason you must ignore their comments that “spit” on your dream is because once you start taking in those negative comments you may actually believe them and this is the opposite of what you want. To make sure this happens, you can take a break from being around those people for a while or you can simply not speak about your dreams in front of them. Keep working towards them but you do not have to discuss them in front of people who show that they have no faith in your dreams.

 3.Take action

I know you may have heard this before, but your dreams will not work unless you do love. You cannot simply write, visualize and speak your dreams but you must take action towards your dreams. What does this mean? This means writing down at least one goal a day that is in direct line with your dream. This goal can be as simple as googling where to get something or how to do something. We have too much free information on the internet not to utilize it.

 Take Away

Remember: believe in yourself, ignore those that have no faith in your dream and take action loves. We can manifest whatever we want in this world and I truly believe that.



  • Posted by Adrienne on

    I love this, this is something I really needed to read today, I am currently procrastinating getting back into school to follow my dreams but your affirmations are reminding me that I can and will do this, so thank you very much for your encouraging words.

  • Posted by Taijae Clay on

    what a good read of positivity. I really love this blog , I love all of them. but this one really hits what im going through. during my road/journey of impendence, I will definitely carry these encouraging words with me, to remind myself of my purpose on earth and to continue to listen to the path the universe is trying to guide me and not other people opinions and life’s obstacles. I love the emails and the site ! keep it up. infinite blessings!!

  • Posted by CHelsea jOnes on

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