3 Reasons Why You Should Not Make a New Year’s Resolution

Have you already thought of your New Year’s resolution for 2017? Did you reflect on 2016, reflect on the trials, the tribulations and of course that year’s resolution you had set for yourself? Were you able to fulfill that resolution?

Whether or not you did, I have 3 reasons on why you should not make a new year’s resolution this year.

Number 1:

 When you set a new year’s resolution you often set a huge goal that is often unattainable.

 Once you do not meet this goal then you beat yourself up about it and then you start talking down on yourself which is never good. We always want to be building ourselves up not down. Huge goals need measurable milestones.

Number 2:

You wait until the New Year to make any type of change in your life.

I have heard so many people say “oh wait until 2017, I will be in the gym more, I will eat healthier, I will, I will, I will.” My question is why are we waiting? Why wait from December 31st, 2016 until January 01,2017 to make the changes we say we will make? Tomorrow is never promised and we have the chance right here, right now to make changes in our lives. You are the same person you are going to be in 2017. If you are not making the changes now then expecting to be a different person with different habits is a lie you may be telling yourself. We never want that, we want to be as honest with ourselves possible. Start building those habits now instead of waiting.

Number 3:

Making a resolution that is too broad and not specific enough.

When people ask you what your New Year’s resolution is, I want you to say “oh, do you mean my 2017 goals? My goals are this, this, this and this.” When you set 1 big broad goal you are not narrowing down that goal enough for it to become real in your eyes. There should be a “How? When? Where? and What?” listed and answered when it comes to your goals. One example would be a goal of losing weight for the New Year (this is a popular resolution). You should have a goal of how much weight in the exact number of pounds written down that you would like to lose each month up until the next year. You should have the specific foods you will be adding to your diet written out. You should have why you plan on losing weight written out as well. When you are specific your goal will be more than 1 goal, it can be the end goal but you will end up with many goals, and this love, will bring that 1 goal into fruition

So much can happen in 1 year love, don’t limit yourself by having 1 new year’s resolution, instead have some goals. With your goals you can create a vision board that you can place in an area of your home you walk by every day. You can write your goals on sticky notes around your hone. You can have a 2017 goal checklist and as you accomplish your goals check them off. The plan is to make your goals real, the more often you see them the more attainable they seem.

I wish you a lovely New Year’s celebration, now go and get those 2017 goals together.

What are your 2017 goals? Comment below I’d love to hear them.



Vanessa White is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox. She is from Ft.Lauderdale, FL , loves beaches and airports. Vanessa is on her own self-love journey and wants other women to be empowered by loving themselves as well. She loves to write and share information that will help other women on their own self-love journey.
You can see her journey on Instagram: @Olanikeeosi


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