3 Foods You Need To Be Eating To Show Your Vagina Love


Do you eat for your vagina? We have all heard that certain foods are beneficial for your overall health, but have you thought about foods that are good for your vagina, your yoni, your nani, your cookie jar? If you haven’t it’s time to start thinking about it and incorporating specific foods into your everyday eating habits. Why? A large majority of women suffer from yeast infections, vaginal dryness, bacterial vaginosis and more. This is not normal. It has become normalized that women should be experiencing these vaginal imbalances when it’s not. Just like with anything that happens in your body, the first step to a solution is to look towards what you are eating. . If you haven’t heard it by now your kitchen is your medicine cabinet. What you intake daily, affects you and can either create balance or imbalance in the body. Those sodas, fruit drinks, coffee and sugary snacks that you may eat need to go away all together or at least be cut to a minimum.

 When you eat specifically  with your vaginal health in mind, it lowers your chance of experiencing ailments . Below are 3 food recommendations that your vagina will thank you for. I am being serious she will say thank you in ways that will make you happy. When your vagina is happy your happy love.

First on the list are Cranberries:

 This bitter red fruit has been known to fight off bad bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis. Cranberries are packed with minerals, vitamins and  proanthocyanidins. It sounds scary right, but don’t worry it’s an antioxidant that prevent bacteria from sticking to your body’s cells.  Plus it adds for a good tasting vagina. Erykah Badu said it best when she gave women everywhere the advice of using fresh cranberry juice to have a sweet tasting vagina. When shopping for cranberries, make sure they are ORGANIC. If you decide to opt for cranberry juice, please do not go out and buy Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Those drinks are packed with sugar and do the exact opposite of what we want the cranberries to do. For juice, make sure its organic juice with no sugar added.

Second is Coconut oil:

You ever heard of the saying “just pour coconut oil on it?” Well in this case you can. Coconut oil is filled with high saturated fats that help lower cholesterol, digests quickly to provide energy and acts as an anti fungal. The big plus about this is that it’s a good natural treatment for yeast infections, urinary tract infections and Candida. Coconut oil has been said to balance hormone levels.This is great for women who are experiencing menopause as it can help increase estrogen levels.

Third are Flax seeds:

Suffering from vaginal dryness? If so, Flax seeds will become your new best friend ladies. Flax seeds are tiny brown seeds that when soaked in water will form a gel like substance. That is what will happen once flax seeds are consumed. Flax seeds are known as phytoestrogen foods which are plant foods that naturally have estrogen in them. They can help balance your hormones if you’re low on estrogen. Estrogen is what keeps your vagina well lubricated. Before you get a spoon and start swallowing flax seeds whole the best way to consume flax seeds are to soak them first and then use them. This will break then down a bit more so that your body can digest them in a way that will have you receiving the most benefits.  Another way to eat flax seeds is by purchasing flax seed meal. This will look gold and grounded up as exampled below. You can add this to water and drink it or sprinkle it on your foods (link in photo on were to get it).

When you start adding these foods into your diet, let me know how your yoni said “Thank You” and comment below. Watch your vagina smile and have the waterworks flow.

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